Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tealchemy in Asian Connections Magazine

Here's a link to an article in Asian Connections Magazine about a Tealchemy party in Montecito some years ago. It was a benefit for Bhakha Rinpoche's stupa for world peace which has been completed and will be consecrated this summer in Zuni, New Mexico.

Tealchemy celebration: Ann Arbor July 18th

If you are in Michigan please join us in the opening party celebrating one of the largest murals of Buddhist art in the country.

The tea party will be sublime: five ice sculptures of the Buddhist Goddess Tara will be placed on a mandala shrine. The images will be enlivened by the intentions and prayers of Tsochen Khandro and Traktung Khepa, and then the melted ice water will be boiled and made into rare oolong tea for all to enjoy. Music, food and celebration will ensue.

More information at The Flaming Jewel website. See you there!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tea Temple Benefit @ Numi Tea Garden

Come party with us at the Numi Tea Garden
to fund the Tea Temple's fifth year at Burning Man Festival...

Saturday June 27th 8pm-2am
2230 Livingston Street Oakland 94606

$20 suggested donation @ the door gets you a raffle ticket for:

an absinthe kit for two: custom bottle of absinthe by Freddie Corbin, two perigord glasses, absinthe spoons and lozenge sugar!

a tea set for four: gaiwan, gaibei, four cups and tea with myself as your host!

Absinthe cocktails$5 wine $3 and $2. beers, cash bar.
DJ's: OM and Axis (Jon Oda)

projection screen,

midnight tea ceremony...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tealchemy at IMPROPA Tea Party

IMPROPA...I've been called worse...and you KNOW that I'm about the TEA.

So you won't be surprised to hear that Tealchemy is carving out ist own little den of INIQUITEA at the Bordello this Friday night (May 29th). Room of mattresses and cracked mirror walls, red lights and you. See you there!

Ok, ok...look, it will be good wholesome fun, I promise no IMPROPRIETEA, so just come.

Bordello: 1247 E. 12th St., Oakland, CA, 94606
$15. to get in.
Doors open @ 10 pm til...?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Romancing the Leaf: James Norwood Pratt honors Lu Yu The Tea Saint

James Norwood Pratt: part plant, part human, and all poetry. One of the greatest spokespeople in the West for the beauty of the leaf, this man is passionate about tea.

This article on the "Tea Saint" Lu Yu, author of the Cha Ching, (The Way of Tea), is a great introduction to the early days of humanity's romance with this enduring herb. It honors his role in the pivot point where this romance really took off between humans and Camellia Sinensis, the tea plant.

Published in a new online tea magazine "The Leaf," its definitely worth a look while sipping your finest cup: "Lu Yu: Soul Man," by JN Pratt.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tea and Spice at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Tealchemy's debut was hot and cool, like a day and night in the Gobi Desert. Over 1200 people attended the evening. We served tribute oolongs that night, teas reserved for royalty that rarely traveled far along the Silk Road: Milan Dancong from Guandong Province and Wuyi Yan Cha from Fujian.

The tent we had custom built for our catering was erected for the first time in Samsung Hall and intention met elegance to set the scene.

The set of five cups on the bamboo mat were poured first as the fulfillment of each guest's wish in the form of the five elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. Throughout the night these cups were poured over again and again as the laughter spilled out of the tent, ricocheting off of marble walls and floors.

Lovely tea maidens kept things flowing for those lounging outside the tent...